Anti-Riot Suit model n°1

model 1

Complete set
1. Weight: 4.50 kg / set
2. Size: Height of 165cm to 190cm Universal
3. Protect Area:Chest, Abdomen and Groin: ≥0.1 ; Back: ≥0.1 ; Arms :≥0.18; Legs :≥0.30
4. Temperature Testing: Performance would not be effected in circumstances of under-20º C--+55º C
5. Resistance Capability: Velcro: >7.2N/c ; Buckle: >500N ; Joints: >2000N
6. Anti-stab Testing:It can not be pierced when using a dagger to stab any point of the chest, back and groin parts of the anti-riot suit under 2000N of static pressure for 1 minute(≥ 20J).
7. Anti-wallop in the Key Parts :The anti-riot suit can not be damaged with any flaw when using a steel ball of 7.5kg to impulse the chest and arms parts continuously from 163cm height(≥ 20J).
8. Anti-impact Testing:The back and chest parts will be damaged by ≦2cm deepness by 100J energy.